This beautiful table and chairs was made by my Grandfather many years ago.  It is such a beautiful and heavy piece.  Everything is cut from solid trees, including the table with the legs carved out.  There are no nails on this piece.  Inlaid on the table are a club, heart, clover and spade with an Ace in the Hole in the middle.  Just wanted to show it off.

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What I enjoy the most about working with wood, is that it has peaked the interest of my youngest son.  He has always liked to work with me, but now he is at the age where I can allow him to use almost all the tools (routers are too unforgiving).  Everything we do, and I mean everything is hand made.  The prints on our products are printed to look like decals, and we use Official Team Colors for all sporting teams.  We are small enough to take our time with everything, and give our very best.  Unless otherwise noted, all Veteran's receive a 25% discount on Tissue Box Covers, and $5.00 off everything else.  If you order more than one item, I will offer you a special discount as well.  Give us a try, you will be happy that you did.  Prices do not include shipping.